Helga Hizer

The Plot, 2017

01:00 HD Video

The Plot was the first object created as part of The Block, Seven Experimental Exhibitions curated by California College of the Arts Curatorial students.  The alternative exhibition took place along an inaccessible trail in San Francisco's Presidio Park. Nothing more than a discarded scrap of styrofoam, The BLOCK was reconceived as an invitation for artists to rework, perform or manipulate in an isolated natural place. Looking to embrace mystery and remoteness in art making.


The styrofoam BLOCK base for the Plot was found on a decommissioned hiking trail so I used landscaping flags to reference the idea of plotting a course or suggesting a future intervention. The act of “planting” the flags also mimicked the act of arranging plastic flowers on a styrofoam base, highlighting the contrast of the artificial and the natural.